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DIY Entryway Makeover – The Reveal

The final reveal of the latest room renovation – a DIY Entryway Makeover.

DIY Entryway Makeover

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I shared plans for this new little entryway bench and the tutorial for the DIY board and batten along the half wall, but now it’s time for the OFFICIAL REVEAL of the DIY modern farmhouse entryway and list of sources! If you’re visiting from Instagram, I posted the final reveal a couple weeks ago. Let’s just say I’m a little behind on the blog right now – so many things to do and so little time – but thanks for sticking with me!

The Before

Before we get to the final photos, let’s take a look back at where this all started:

DIY Board & Batten before

If you’re new here, we remodeled the kitchen and living room right after we moved into this house. In all the hullabaloo of taking walls down, painting, installing an island, and redoing all the trim, we also took down half of a full wall that used to be right there in the entryway/living room. The entryway wasn’t the main focus at the time, so I just slapped a 2×6 board on top and called it good. As you can see, it wasn’t good.

DIY Entryway Makeover before

But, nonetheless, there it sat – totally outdated and in need of some serious love – since the first remodel endeavor (a couple years ago).

After I finished up the bathroom renovation, I decided it was time to turn my attention back to the entryway. The biggest challenge was differentiating the space from the rest of the room. The front door opens up basically into our living room, which opens right up to the kitchen. So this whole main area of the house is just one single rectangle with the door, entryway, living room, and kitchen (very open concept). There isn’t much to separate the spaces, so my goal with the entryway makeover was to use the space better and set it apart as more of an entryway.

The After

The first order of business was to take down the original half-ass job I did with the half wall top and fix that beautiful red hexagon flooring. Here it is after a little “demo” and new flooring:

DIY Entryway Makeover before

Can you believe how much better it looked just with those changes!? Crazy.

I installed the same flooring we put in the new bathroom – Lifeproof luxury vinyl plank flooring from Home Depot. And, I gotta say, we’re SO IMPRESSED with it! It’s so easy to install, incredibly durable, soft to walk on, and LOOKS AMAZING! And this isn’t even sponsored … Home Depot has no idea who I am or what kind of flooring I have. I’m just genuinely impressed and need to spread the word! So, if you need some flooring, definitely check it out. This is their “seaside oak” color. It’s the perfect dark grey brown and looks amazing against the white trim.

After I finished the new floor, I installed board and batten and a new top along the half wall. This was my first time doing board and batten, and I honestly can’t believe how big of a difference it made. I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite wall treatment – just look at that!

DIY Entryway Makeover

After I finished redoing the half wall, I installed a new light fixture (bye-bye vintage boob light), built the new entryway bench, and changed out the small shelf coat rack for a few photos. Oh, and I bought a plant – a little greenery goes a long way in your house!

The floating frames are one of my favorite parts of the whole entryway makeover. I picked up a few floating frames from Target, cut some faux eucalyptus branches, and centered them in the floating frames. I’ll just change the faux branches out throughout the year for a great seasonal decoration!

But where will guests hang their coats now, you ask.

No worries – I put together a new small entryway rack:

DIY Entryway Makeover

I was planning to hang it where the photos are, but it works much better behind the door. It also utilizes the space better by kind of pulling the entryway back into the wall … I’m not sure that even makes sense … but it doesn’t spill over into the living room as much from behind the door.

Speaking of the door, let’s talk about that situation for a minute.

DIY Entryway Makeover

I wanted to replace that darn door so badly, but it just didn’t make sense for us right now. We do all these renovations on a TIGHT budget, and I’m very selective about how and where to spend. I priced out the cost to add molding and paint just to update it a little, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the $75 in supplies. The new doors I looked at were in the $150 – $200 range (nothing too fancy, but nicer than the current industrial warehouse door). So, in my opinion, it makes more sense to just save the money and do a whole new door eventually than spend the money on a temporary solution. But that’s just my opinion!

If you’re in the same boat – don’t hold off on a project just because you don’t have $5,000,000 to do it PERFECTLY. Just do what you can at a reasonable pace! It’ll get there eventually!

So, with that, let’s get to the sources.

DIY Entryway Makeover


Just click on the photos below if you’re interested in any of the accessories in the new entryway.

Seaside Oak 7.1 in. x 47.6 in. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring 
Globe Electric Harrow 1-Light Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light
11″ x 15″ Float Thin Metal Gallery Frame Black – Project 62
8″ x 10″ Float Thin Gallery Frame Black – Project 62
Eucalyptus Stem – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia
Aseana Small Tapered Bin Natural 4.75″x8″ Khaki

And don’t forget to check out the tutorials to DIY your own entryway:

  1. DIY Entryway Bench
  2. DIY Board and Batten Half Wall

This modern farmhouse entryway turned out SO MUCH BETTER than I ever imagined. It feels like the whole house got a face lift just from this one small project!

Thanks for checking out the final reveal. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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DIY Entryway Makeover