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Mini Cedar Planter – Scrap Wood Series #5

If you’re just joining, welcome to the Bitterroot Scrap Wood Series!

 Head over to Day 1 to catch the beginning of the shenanigans, as well as our exciting news.

Long story short – I’m sharing a new scrap wood project every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in May and this is Day 5!

I’ve been saving up the extra cedar from the Cedar Rustic Blanket Chest and finally used it up on one of these scrap projects.


Mini Cedar Planter


Cedar is resistant to rot, which makes it a great choice for planters. Recently, I saw these adorable mini cedar planters from Jaime over at and decided they’d be perfect! I didn’t have much cedar left, so a small planter was just what I needed!

I ended up making two of them just for good measure.

Step 1.

Cut a 1×6 piece of cedar to 5 1/2″ for the base. Cut four 1×4 cedar pieces to 6 1/4″ for the sides.

Step 2.

Arrange the four sides so that each side is flush with the base and overlaps at one corner. Clamp in place and attach to the base with wood glue and finish nails.


Mini Cedar Planter


Step 3.

Rather than foam and faux flowers, I added a drainage hole in the bottom and filled the planter with soil and a small azalea plant.


Mini Cedar Planter


You can leave the cedar planter all-natural and let it weather over time.

Or seal it to keep that rich cedar color.

I sealed mine with a matte acrylic spray, but it’s entirely up to you!

You can check out free plans for these mini cedar planters from Jaime Costiglio. She used 1×6 for the base as well as the sides, but the plans and dimensions are the same.

And that’s all there is – Short and sweet today.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Thanks for stopping by!

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Mini Cedar Planter